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    Teacher tools guide 2014

    • 1. The English Attack! Teacher License & Teacher Tools Guide for Teachers, Tutors and Trainers
    • 2.  A game-changing complementary resource to teacher-led classroom EFL/ESL instruction • Developed in collaboration with Teachers of English, researchers in cognitive neuroscience, and gamification experts • Designed to be 100% complementary to teacher-led classroom instruction of today’s generation of learners • Platform focus is on motivation, autonomy, and adoption of English as a cultural enabler • Entertaining, effective, and very affordable for your educational institution What is English Attack?
    • 3.  Regardless of teaching methods, improvement in language skills can only come about with frequency of exposure to – and use of – the target language. The English Attack Motivational Approach Today’s generation of learners will only practice English language skills on a truly regular and frequent basis if they are motivated to do so. Interesting, current and authentic entertainment content is a key motivator. A learning resource that features such content, regularly refreshed and packaged for learners of all levels within a motivational ecosystem, creates the conditions required for engagement and thus effective language learning. How does it work?
    • 4.  Pedagogy inspired by cognitive neuroscience Our Pedagogical Principles Based on the latest findings of cognitive neuroscience 1. Stimulation through emotion-generating entertainment content 2. Frequency of exposure and use via short, enjoyable sessions 3. Repetition leading to long-term memory retention via contextual Practice Games 4. Motivation and Progress via Challenge and Continuous Positive Feedback and Reward loops 5. Communicative language use within Global Social Network of Learners Why is it effective?
    • 5.  Getting Started Your first step is to create a User Account on English Attack! ( using your Facebook account or an e-mail address. . Be sure to validate the account by clicking the validation link sent to you via e-mail.
    • 6.  Your next step is to click on the Subscribe button, which takes you to the Price Plans page, and purchase an Independent Teacher Booster Pass (be sure to look for the “Independent Teachers” tab) If you have an Access Code given to you by your organisation, click here and type in the code, then click on the green arrow.
    • 7.  The Teacher Invitation Code The next step is to establish a teacher-student relationship with your learners. Go to the MySchool page – this is the key page for you as a teacher – and distribute the Invitation Code to your learners, asking them to use it when creating a User Account on English Attack or asking them to add it to an existing account via the “Got a Promo Code” button on the Home Page! If your learners already have a Booster Pass code, adding in this code as well establishes the teacher-learner relationship which enables you to recruit the learner into a class. If they don’t already have a Booster Pass code, using this blue code will enable them to purchase a Booster Pass (required for them to have access to Premium content) at a special 25% Educational Discount.
    • 8.  Recruiting Learners When your learners create User Accounts with your Invitation Code, they will appear in the My Students view on your MySchool page.
    • 9.  Creating Classes Once you have accumulated a roster of invited Learners, you can start to create classes. Click on Create a Class
    • 10.  Creating Classes English Attack! Independent Teacher License Give your class a name; and a description (e.g. Meets on Thursdays 10:30)
    • 11.  Creating Classes English Attack! Independent Teacher License The class “Intermediate English” has now been created. Click on it to assign Learners to it from your Learner roster.
    • 12.  Creating Classes English Attack! Independent Teacher License From the Class Page, select “Students”
    • 13.  Creating Classes English Attack! Independent Teacher License You can now add students to this class.
    • 14.  Creating Classes English Attack! Independent Teacher License Simply click next to each Student to add them to this class, and be sure to click on “Apply” when you are done. Students can be assigned to multiple classes. If you don’t recognize your Learners’ usernames, you can search for individual learners by e- mail address, first name, or last name.
    • 15.  Adding / Removing Students to or from a Class English Attack! Independent Teacher LicenseStudents To An Existing Class To add a Student to an existing class. To remove a Student to an existing class.
    • 16.  Assigning Content Units To A Class Go to the main Video Booster or Photo Vocab page and browse content pages to find the content units you want to assign to your Class When you see a Content Unit you wish to assign to one or more of your classes: Click on it.
    • 17.  Assigning Content Units To A Class Then click on Assign To Class
    • 18.  Assigning Content Units To A Class Choose the class or classes to which you want to assign this Content Unit (the same unit can be assigned to multiple classes) Click on SUBMIT English Attack! Independent Teacher License
    • 19.  Managing your Assignments You can choose how to communicate the assignment to the class, and make assignment comments, here. The next time you click on this Class, you will see the added Content Unit. You can add as many Content Units to a class assignment as you want. When the deadline for this assignment has passed and you want to assign new content, clear old assignment (it will be stored in “Past Assignments”) and start new assignment.
    • 20.  Checking Assignment Compliance & Scores For each Content Unit assigned, you can see who in the class has completed it, and what score they obtained.
    • 21.  Viewing Students’ Activity Stream Selected Class Activities Tab All activity on the site by students in your class, most recent first. You can comment on the activity for each item; this will be visible to the Students on this same wall.
    • 22.  Class Message Boards Selected Class Message Boards are class-specific. Anyone in the class, as well as the Teacher, can initiate a discussion or respond to a new thread. Message Board Tab
    • 23.  Student’s View
    • 24.  Student’s View: Getting Started This user is one of your Students. He or she has created an account and has created a Teacher-Learner link by using the Invitation Code given by you. You have assigned him or her to one of your Classes. As for a Teacher, the Student’s starting point is the site Home Page, and then the My School tab in the main navigation bar of every page.
    • 25.  Student’s View: Assignments Student’s Class Student’s current Assignment Once the Content Unit is completed, student can practice it with a Learning Game for long-term memorization
    • 26.  Student’s View: Activities Student can check and comment the Activities of other Students in the Class Student’s Class
    • 27.  Thank You For more information: Supawan Inbunna Marketing Partner Thailand LinkedIn Profile E-mail: Supawan Inbunna
    • 28.  Or get in touch with: Donald Patnaude Marketing Partner in Thailand LinkedIn Profile  Twitter: @ajarn_donald  E-mail: Phone: 081-855-2701  For more on our pedagogical principles: English Attack Thailand    Facebook: English Attack!

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