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    Interactive Video: The Aftermath of the Atlanta Test Cheating Scandal


    Eleven Atlanta educators convicted of conspiracy in one of the nation’s largest cheating scandals are just now beginning their appeals, more than two years after they were sentenced to prison. Nearly 200 educators in Atlanta public schools were caught up in the scandal, suspected of erasing and correcting student answers on standardized tests, in order to boost scores. They were under enormous pressure from the federal No Child Left Behind law and from their own superintendent, Beverly Hall, who set targets even higher than the federal government. Thousands of students were impacted, and now, many years later, the district has set up a program to offer extra help to those students who remain in Atlanta public schools.


    Selma: Give Us the Vote

    Movies: Drama
    Featured This Week On English Attack! 16-22/02/2015

    In this clip from the Oscar-nominated movie about the Civil Rights struggle of black people in the United States, Martin Luther King Jr. (David Oyelowo) gives a powerful speech encouraging the audience to stand and fight for the right to vote.


    Vote – to make an official choice for or against some one or something, where the majority of choices wins

    Demanding – making a forceful statement in which you say that something must be given to you

    Determine – control or make happen in a specific way

    Destiny – the most important things that will happen in the future

    Suffer – to experience something unpleasent

    Succeed – to achieve the correct result from what you were trying to do.

    Protest – to show strong disagreement with something at public event with a group of people

    Constitutional – relating to the system of beliefs and laws that govern a country 

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