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    Interactive Video: Best Places in the World to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

    Where are you planning to spend New Year’s Eve countdown? Watch this interactive video and you may get some cool ideas. If you’re practicing your English skills then click here to download this app to try my NEW Micro Learning Cards. Then enter this code: AKJH-MIZU-QJZF   App Store    Google Play

    The Smartest Gift for the Holidays

    50% Discount for a gift that is useful and practical and you do not need to fight the traffic jams.


    The New Year is coming… and so are the holidays!

    It’s always difficult to find the perfect gift: one which is fun yet at the same time will be useful for a long time.

    But you can stop searching now! Give the “smart gift” of English to friends and family with English Attack!

    English Attack! is an innovative online service for learning English developed in collaboration with researchers in cognitive neuroscience. It’s a fun and effective method, combining movie clips, photos and games.

    This 50% offer expires 03/01/2016

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