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    Adele: Hello

    Improve your listening and comprehension skills with this addictive video karaoke game.

    Adele: Hello
    Adele: Hello

    Karaoke / Music: Pop

    Adele: Hello


    The lead single from her third studio album, 25, “Hello” was co-written by Adele and her producer, Greg Kurstin. It is a piano ballad with soul influences, and lyrics that discuss themes of nostalgia and regret for a lost love.

    The Games Page

    The Games Page
    The Games Page

    The video karaoke game

    Say What? The Video Karaoke Game
    Say What? The Video Karaoke Game

    In SayWhat?, you listen to the dialogue from a video clip line by line. Where prompted, you’ll have to type in the missing word or expression.
    If you can’t type in the missing item correctly, you can listen to that part of the dialogue again, or skip to the next one.

    Your score is determined by the speed and accuracy of your answers.

    In Learning mode, the missing items are limited to the target vocabulary in a Video Booster. In Expert mode, any word in the dialogue can be the randomly withdrawn and you will be asked to replace it.

    SayWhat? is without a doubt the most entertaining way to practice your oral comprehension in English.

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    Featured Games

    This Week's Featured Games
    This Week’s Featured Games

    Power up your English with games on English Attack!

    Fun, Frequency and Memorization

    On English Attack!, a range of five games helps you to continue to improve your language skills.

    There are Practice Games (Swap Mania, Speed Pix and Word Rescue) for every Video Booster and Photo Vocab that you’ve already completed. They’re designed to help you retain the vocabulary items seen in these exercises.

    With the addictive SayWhat? video karaoke game, you’ll train your oral comprehension in English.

    Verb Dash is a highly effective game with which you’ll memorize, once and for all, the various forms of irregular verbs.

    Cinderella, Cooking and Game of Thrones
    The Games Page


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    Birdman: You’re An Actress, Honey


    Featured this week on English Attack!
    Movies: Drama

    Featured this week on English Attack!

    Movies: Drama

    An interactive exercise based on the video clip “You’re An Actress, Honey” of Birdman.


    In this scene from the WINNER OF THE 2015 OSCAR FOR BEST PICTURE, faded actor Riggan Thompson (Michael Keaton) encourages an actress, Lesley (Naomi Watts) before the staging of the Broadway show he is trying to produce in order to still feel relevant in today’s entertainment world.


    OK, Talented, Lucky, Sweet, Gross, Fine, Fault, Kind of

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