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    The Longest Ride: First Date

    The Longest Ride: First Date

    Difficulty level: Beginner

    Movies: Drama

    The Longest Ride: First Date

    An interactive exercise based on the video clip “First Date” of The Longest Ride.

    A professional rodeo rider, Luke (Scott Eastwood) goes to the sorority house to pick up university student Sophia (Britt Robertson) for their first date.


    Before watching the video, take note of the vocabularyitems below; getting familiar with them now will make it easier to understand the video and will help you with the exercises that follow. When you’ve done that, click on the red “Start” button.

    Key Vocabulary for this video

    1. upstairs

    2. sweet

    3. cowboy

    4. guys

    5. wow

    6. ready

    7. know

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    9-year-old girl drives to school

    Like many Thai school girls, the nine-year-old native of Surat Thani featured in a viral YouTube video goes to school by car. The only difference is that she drives the car herself. (Not anymore apparently.)

    Source: www.bangkokpost.com

    When you thought you’ve seen the worst, think again!


    Thailand is a very screwed up country not to charge the parents with a huge list of crimes.


    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but this is a serious risk to the child who isn’t even wearing her seatbelt  and a dangerous risk for all the legal drivers on the road because she is so short at the age of 9, and she can barely see above the dashboard. All because of mentally ill parents, a police superintendent and a criminal code system in the Kingdom of Thailand that are all failures. What’s your opinion???

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