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    Buying Something

    Buying Something
    Featured Photo Vocab This Week

    Buying Something

    This learning unit has 16 illustrations and expressions including barcode, cash, cashier, changing room, sale…

    Category: Beginner

    Some key vocabulary for this Photo Vocab.

    1. card reader

    card reader
    card reader

    An electronic device that is used in shops and stores to take payments from a debit or credit card.

    Sorry Sir, there seems to be a problem with your debit cardOur credit card reader is rejecting the payment.

    2. cash register/till

    cash register
    cash register
    cash register or till

    mechanical or electronic device for registering and calculating transactions in a shop or store, and usually attached to a drawer for storing cash and other valuables.

    Thanks for shopping with us. That apple costs $1, you gave me a five-dollar bill, so let me open the cash register so I can give you your four dollars in change.

    3. checkout counter

    checkout counter
    checkout counter

    The place where you pay for the products in a shop or store

    I need to go to the checkout counter so I can pay for the fruit we picked up, and then we can leave.

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