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    History of English Attack!

    English Attack! Logo
    Bangkok, Thailand



    Founded on 2009 by Paul Maglione & Frederic Tibout
    in Paris France.
    Company Overview: Englsh Attack! is an online educational service of Entertainment Learning, a company set up in 2009 to bring the power of digital entertainment to the world of education. English Attack! is today one of the world’s fastest-growing language learning services, present in 36 countries and available in 27 interface languages (including Thai and English)
    and on all PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet devices.
    English Attack! uses online entertainment to help people of any level anywhere in the world improve their English. Learn English with music videos, video games, clips from blockbuster movies, hit TV series and global news channels, as well as with social networking.
    Awards: Seedcamp Paris

    Finalist, Plugg Belgium
    Finalist, Next Web Netherlands
    Finalist, TechCrunch France

    Products and services all in the English Attack! platform.
    * Video Boosters – video-based language exercises.
    * Photo Vocabs – thematic visual dictionary wikis.
    * Learning and Practice online casual games
    * The English Attack! community
    September 7th, 2014
    August 7th, 2012
    Schools in Thailand are now closed for the summer break, so we’d like to offer you and your school or education service a full-scale 30-Day FREE Trial of the English Attack! online “entertainment immersion” language learning platform.
    Supawan   088-249-4917 / 089-201-1680
    Donald   081-855-2701