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    Interior Decorating

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    Featured This Week On English Attack!

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    Interior Decorating

    A visual dictionary on the topic Interior Decorating.

    Learn 24 new words and expressions related to this topic. For every vocabulary item there is an illustration, a definition, its use in a sample sentence, and audio pronunciation.

    1. bathroom fittings

    bathroom fittings

    The different functional items attached in permanent positionsi n a bathroom so that they do not move; these include mirrors,taps, rails for towels, and cabinets.

    We had to replace most of the bathroom fittings, including themedicine cabinet. They are looking a bit old by now.

    2. drapes


    Long curtains made of heavy cloth.

    Emma wants to change the drapes in the dining room because shesays they look a bit old-fashioned.

    3. interior decorator

    interior decorator
    interior decorator

    Someone whose job is to design or decorate the inside of a room or building by choosing the colors, materials, and arrangement of the furniture.

    The company employed an interior decorator to design the waytheir new office looks.

    Word of the week: wallpaper


    Thick paper that you stick to the walls of a room in order to decorate it.

    How many rolls of wallpaper do you think we need to decorate the living room?

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