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    Numbers and Digits

    Featured Photo Vocab This Week
    Featured Photo Vocab This Week

    Numbers And Digits

    This learning unit has 23 illustrations and expressions including googol, pair, quartet, trio, triple…

    Category: Science

    Some key vocabulary for this Photo Vocab.

    • Couple
    2; a group of only two, as in a romantic relationship They make a cute couple. They said they will be gone for a couple of hours.
    • Double
    Double: 2; two of something I love the double-decker buses in London.
    • Gazillion
    Gazillion: a very large indeterminate number; variants include “bazillion” and “bajillion” Wow, there are a gazillion stars out tonight!
    • Pair
    Pair: two of something that make a unit together I just bought a new pair of shoes. They will go great with this pair of pants that I’m wearing.
    Zilch: 0; nothing I’ve got zilch, nothing, nada!

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