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    Pedagogical Innovation With Videos

    Video Booster
    Video Booster

    Improve your English with Video Boosters

    Pedagogical innovation with videos:

    Video Boosters are language exercises based on short videos rarely exceeding two minutes in length.

    You can choose from clips of recent films or current TV series; music videos or items from international television news: whatever interests you most.

    The Video Booster format is based on a series of progressively deeper contextual exercises.

    Take a closer step-by-step look at how Video Boosters enable you to fully master the language elements of a video clip and thus help you to improve your English.

    Warmup Presentation of Vocabulary

    Vocab Quickview
    Vocab Quickview

    Vocab Quickview

    Prior to playing the video, you can see a summary of the target vocabulary items in the video clip.

    This is a key initial step, as it allows you to focus on those words and expressions which are essential to a full understanding of the clip. The Vocab Quickview list is limited to eight items, so as to allow you to retain them easily.

    Scan the vocabulary items, read the definitions, and listen to how they are pronounced.


    Use the contextual translator

    If you don’t recognize one of the words, just hover over it with your cursor (or tap the word if you are using a touchscreen) to see its translation in your language.

    The contextual translator works for all English language words on the site, including those in the given vocabulary definitions. It is available throughout all steps of the Video Booster.

    To find out more please click here.


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