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    Spy: Karen Walker

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    Featured This Week On English Attack!
    Featured This Week On English Attack!

    Difficulty level: Intermediate

    Movies: Comedy

    Spy: Karen Walker

    In this clip from the comedy about a CIA analyst who volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, Nancy (Miranda Hart) and Susan (Melissa McCarthy) talk about what it must be like to be beautiful super spy Karen Walker (Morena Baccarin).


    Before watching the video, take note of the vocabularyitems below; getting familiar with them now will make it easier to understand the video and will help you with the exercises that follow. When you’ve done that, click on the red “Start” button.

    Key Vocabulary for this video:

    1. gave up

    2. CIA

    3. boring

    4. brilliant

    5. for what it’s worth

    6. academy

    7. missions

    8. upside down

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