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    The Good Dinosaur – Pet Collector

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    The Good Dinosaur - Pet Collector
    The Good Dinosaur –
    Pet Collector

    Difficulty level: Easy

    The Good Dinosaur – Pet Collector

    In this scene from Pixar’s animated story about a world where dinosaurs never became extinct, Arlo meets the “Pet Collector,” a fearful dinosaur who relies on smaller animals to keep him safe.


    Before watching the video, take note of the vocabulary items below; getting familiar with them now will make it easier to understand the video and will help you with the exercises that follow. When you’ve done that, click on the red “Start” button.

    Key Vocabulary for this video: 

    1. creature
    2. protected
    3. home
    4. terrifying
    5. crawl
    6. mosquitoes
    7. unrealistic
    8. goals

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    Vocab Quickview

    Warmup Presentation of vocabulary
    Warmup Presentation of vocabulary

    Prior to playing the video, you can see a summary of the target vocabulary items in the video clip.

    This is a key initial step, as it allows you to focus on those words and expressions which are essential to a full understanding of the clip. The Vocab Quickview list is limited to eight items, so as to allow you to retain them easily.

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